Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fried Lou Shi Fan Bento

I cooked lou shi fan for lunch today, with mushrooms, chinese cabbage, lettuce, "lap mui yut" (wax lean meat), an egg, and used only soy sauce and fish sauce to flavor it.

When I placed little girl's bowl on the dining table, she rushed over and asked to have "dancing fish" to go with it.  Her "dancing fish" is actually katsuobushi, I have no idea why she suddenly asked for it :)

Placed some lou shi fan in the small bento box for little girl's snack in kiddy, along with strawberry slices and a container of sugar.


javapot said...

I like the shot with the utensils. Hm, I should dig mine too. They usually serve a little katsuobushi with cawanmushi right? Looks interesting, will look at getting some.

Emily said...

Hey!! haven't had lou shi fan in a long time.

Your daughter is so cute!