Monday, January 5, 2009

Simple Hainanese Chicken Rice

Little girl loves eating chicken rice lately, as I'm a lazy person who like to cook 1 dish meal, I cooked this simple version of chicken rice for our dinner tonite.

Little girl's plate of chicken rice

The recipe is very simple, just stir-fry the wings, whole garlics, whole shallots, 1 small piece of ginger in a non stick pan for a while, put in the pre-washed rice and the correct amount of water, season the mixture and give all a boil, then move everything into the rice cooker, let it complete the rest of the cooking, done.


javapot said...

Looks easy enuf, must give this a go one day :)

Emily said...

Will try your method for the rice soon.. BTW any pertua for cooking the white chicken too?

3lilangels said...

I'm all for one pot meal too, and chicken rice is our favourite.

Will get u the princess pasta when I'm in Sg next.

kel said...

Ooh! I was quite surprise to see all the comments here, I thot most ppl know this lazy method b4 I posted it, seems like I was the only being lazy here ;p

Javapot: U may put in a few pandan leaves to make it more fragrant.

Emily: Just rub a bit of salt to the chicken, fry it, don worry if it's not cook, as the rice cooker will further cook it.

3lilangels: Thank you very much b4 hand, ;* u r so nice!