Monday, January 19, 2009

Flower Pasta in Tomato Sauce Bento

Asked little girl what she wanna for her bento, fried rice or pasta, she chose pasta, thus cooked her these flower pasta with Prego pasta sauce.

Contains of bento: flower pasta with tomato sauce (center), some blanched broccoli as bushes, 3 flower sausages and some soy sauce in the rabbit sauce container. As for fruits, there was skinned grapes and cut strawberry with sugar.

We were almost late after finished preparing the bentos, rushed to little girl's kiddy, only to find out that all activities were canceled this week!  Oh fine, little girl was happily having lunch at canteen with 3 of her yoga-mates, and I didn't wait til she finished this time, went for CNY shopping with hubby :)

Here was her snack bento with the same food, pasta, grapes and strawberry.

I packed all her bento in this little bag, along with the ice packs, as weather was terribly hot lately, afraid the food would turn bad.


javapot said...

Nice flowers!! I have problems making it though :(

3lilangels said...

That's very pretty. Yeah, the weather's so hot, so have to be doubly careful when packing bento.

Emily said...

I heart anything with tomato based sauce!

The flowers are lovely... stored bought or home made?

kel said...

Javapot: Thanks!

3lilangels: I always pack the ice-bags along with the bento lately, rather be safe than sorry.

Emily: Which flower r u refering? If sausages, it was nutriplus chicken frank, cut and stuffed with a corn kernel, as for pasta, it was store bought :)

Emily said...