Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cha Soba Sushi Snack Bento

This is one of little girl's favorite noodle ==> soba or cha soba, she enjoys dipping the noodles in the cold sauce and she may finish a big plate of the noodle!  Don know whether she like the cold sauce more or the noodle?

She ate a lot this morning, 1 mango Calsiyum yogurt with cereal, 1 toast with butter and sugar, then a big plate of the cha soba with lot of nori covered.

Asked her whether she wanna just the cha soba or in sushi form for her snack bento, she said she wanna sushi, so cha soba sushi again (I'd made this bento b4, it is a duplicate)!

Contains of bento: cha soba sushi, grape tomatoes, cucumber strips, cheese spread and diluted men shoyu.


javapot said...

I love cold soba too. This is a great idea and rolling them into a sushi. not too difficult in holding the noodles together I hope?

kel said...

Morning, Javapot! Not difficult at all, give it a try :)