Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stewed Pork Belly Animal Pasta Bento

Basically, we continued having our stewed pork belly for lunch today, little girl had it with pasta. 

Contains of bento, from left:  stewed pork belly with animal pasta, long beans, pearl fish balls, grape tomatoes, mandarin orange and a little chic sauce bottle containing men shoyu at center.

I think with the magic of having the cutie chic sauce bottle, little girl emptied the bento, all by herself!

As of next week, little girl'll change her time of mental arithmetic class to fri evening, thus I don have to make her heavy lunch bento anymore.  However, I still need to prepare lunch bento, 2 of it this time, but the light version, cos she's joining kids yoga (mon) and modern dance (thu) in her kiddy, and she can only have 15 minutes for lunch b4 her class starts.

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