Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nutella Sandwich Rolls Snack Bento, Chili Fried Kangkong and Braised Layer Pork Belly n Yam Bento

Little girl's snack bento to school today.  It contained 4 little nutella sandwich rolls, 2 Vidaylin minibear gummies and a small mandarin orange with a lovely face.  

After her school, she told me she had 2 bowls of fried mee and her snack bento during her snack time, (o_O)!!  She really ate a lot, hope she won't turn into a fat fat girl.

This is a dinner bento I tapao (packed) from mum's place for hubby.  It contained chili fried kangkong (on top), braised layer pork belly & yam (right) and white rice with topping of fried chili from the fried kangkong.


3lilangels said...

My girl finished her bento and the school's fried rice too. Didn't expect her appetitite to be so good.

I heart the Pork and Yam.

kel said...

Think our girls have big appetite :)