Saturday, January 10, 2009

Konnyaku Noodles n Pearl Fish Balls Bento

Little girl loves this konnyaku noodle, she used to ate it almost daily during our stay at Osaka 2 yrs ago.  Sometimes, I'll boil it with miso soup as her simple lunch b4 school.

Bento contains (from left): Konnyaku noodles, grape tomatoes, pearl fish balls, mayo (in orange container) and men shoyu (in pink sauce bottle).


javapot said...

Never seen konyaku noodles - can show package? Is it like vercimelli? The pearl balls are cute size. I should get out more!

kel said...

U may get konyaku noodles everywhere, supermarket, nite market, or markets. They r called 竽絲, wu chat or wu si in Cantonese. The texture is just like konyaku jelly.

javapot said...

Interesting, will check it out the next time i am at the supermarket, tks