Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cha Soba Sushi Bento

This is a vegetarian bento and best eating cold too!  It is also following the theme for this week at Bento Challenge.

Top tier: pear, orange, pineapple, cucumber, red and yellow grape tomatoes.

Bottom tier: cha soba sushi with cucumber filling, blanched french beans n hon shimeji mushrooms, cold tofu with chopped spring onions in penguin silicon dish and lastly a packet of kikkoman soy sauce.

Little girl left 5 of the cha soba sushi, think due to the packet of chip she ate in the car, filled up her little tummy oledi.

She had the bento with yakult, the yogurt drink.  As for the blue container, it kept a ice cold wet hanky to wipe her hands and to chill up the bento too.

This is little girl's snack box contains only fruits today: pear, orange and pineapple.


shoppingmum said...

The first bento is for your girl? She can really eat, considering she had another fruity bento.

kel said...

Oh yes! She eats a lot, almost every 2 hour too! See below, her usual meal times:

9am - breakfast
11am - lunch
2.30pm - snack at school
4pm - snack in car
6.30pm - dinner
8.30pm - milk / fruits

Not forgetting those finger food she ate in between this meals too! I always say that she only stop eating during her sleep only! :)