Friday, August 6, 2010

Wantan Noodles Bento (253)

I waked up early this morning, no, not cooking for bento, but went to wet market to get some fresh meat for the weekend.  Little girl had told me that she wanna wantan noodle for her brunch, as she couldn't decide which type of noodle she want, I bought her both.

The only cooking in this bento was boiling the fish balls, cooked them using the fresh fish paste bought from market.  Thus the total time used for this bento was just 10 minutes.

In the bento: flat wantan noodle (top), thin wantan noodle (bottom), 4 fish balls, 2 wantans, some veggie and char siew

Black corinth table grapes (tiny) and thompson seedless grapes
(bought those tiny grapes from wet market, RM15 for a small box)

Note of the day and a cartoon character little girl wanna me copied from one of her notepad


HK Choo said...

Cool that you get to buy a combination of two types of noodles in a pack, or was it two packs that you bought?

kel said...

HK, actually I got 2 packs :p

HK Choo said...

Ah ha, now I understand better! :)

kel said...