Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Assorted Sushi & Sashimi Bento (251)

U must have thought that I was out of my mind to give raw fish in little girl's bento :p  If u look carefully into the sushi & sashimi, u may realize that other than the cucumber and fruits, the rests are all cooked food.

I got this bento inspired by the piece of ikura (salmon roe) sushi, it was given by my SIL to little girl yesterday, as a little surprise to cheer her up.  It was actually a donut, or the correct word donushi, SIL bought it from Big Apple.

I would usually prepare small bento on Wed, and 1 ikura sushi is definitely too little to fill up little girl, thus I added more sushi for her.

It took me less than 15 minutes to prepare the sushi & sashimi, very easy and fast.  Both sushi were actually made of bread and a fried drumstick I bought from pasar malam.

Assorted sushi (from left):
Uni (sea urchin) & cucumber gunkanmaki (photo of real sushi) - fried chicken skin, cucumber & cheese sandwich
Anago (eel) sushi (photo of real sushi) - fried chicken meat & cheese sandwich
Ikura (salmon roe) sushi (photo of real sushi) - donushi from Big Apple

Assorted sashimi (from top):
Maguro (tuna, photo of real sashimi) - waterwelon
Clams (photo of real sashimi) - longan

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HK Choo said...

Good luck to your little one...and what a great way to cheer her on with such a themed bento, Kel!

kel said...

Thank u, HK!