Friday, August 20, 2010

Ice-creams & Alphabet Cookies Bento (263)

Hahaha... I hope the title didn't con u here or surprise u :p  No, I neither put ice-creams nor cookies into the bento, the ice-creams were actually sandwiches, whereas the cookies were alphabet chicken nuggets.

Those 'ice-creams' have 2 flavors, savory & sweet: 1 with the pork/meat floss & mayo filling, then the other with peanut butter filling.  If u wanna know how the 'ice-creams' were shaped, u may check out here, this is a Chinese site but the photos are detail enough to explain the steps.

I used about 25 minutes to get this bento ready.

Alphabet cookies, ice-creams and grapes
(chicken nuggets, sandwiches and mini champagne grapes)

Close up of the 'ice-cream with strawberry topping'
(sandwich with meat floss & mayo filling, top with a dash of ketchup and cucumber bits)

Close up of the 'ice-cream with chocolate topping
(sandwich with peanut butter filling, top with nutella and assorted colors heart sprinkles)

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