Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preserved Calamansi Lime 咸桔

I'm one who seldom fall sick, however the only sickness that troubled me very much is coughing.  My family members are having the similar problem too, I believe it is all caused by our gene.  I tried my best to avoid getting cough, by drinking a lot of water daily and avoiding frying food.  However, I may get it at least once a year usually, and I would either suffer for weeks or sometimes months.

This year, I was hit by it 3 weeks ago, eating bottle after bottle of coughing syrups still couldn't help me from recovering, sigh....

Then early this month, I saw Ohbin posted this preserved lemons, according to her it helps to reduce coughing and soothe the throat.  I wanted to make it so badly since I'm coughing terribly, but the down side of the recipe is it needs at least a year to preserve.  Thus I didn't hurry myself into it and waiting to get the calamansi limes from my MIL once we get back to Seremban.

Then one fine day last week, I was chatting with my SIL and I brought up the topic about this preserved lemon, she immediate went to the pantry and dig out a bottle of dark brown colored preserved calamansi which was made by her mum.  Woohoo...  I quickly scooped 1 out from the bottle, mix with a tablespoon of honey, pour in 1/2 glass of hot water and pour the whole thing down into my throat.  It tasted great, it did help to soothe my throat, I didn't really feel the itchiness in my throat for a while.

Then when I was back to MIL's house, she had something similar in the fridge too!  Wow, now I had a bottle of the ready preserved calamansi, a bottle of concentrated calamansi syrup (cooked by MIL, able to cure cough too and it makes a very refreshing drink at the same time) to help removing my cough and not only that MIL gave me a kg of fresh calamansi lime so that I may preserve it myself :)

Calamansi lime
Hot boiling water
Boiled water
  1. Lightly wash the calamansi lime with hot boiling water (to remove any pesticide on the skin)
  2. Place all calamansi lime into a clean bottle
  3. Mix salt with boiled water, keep adding salt until salt won't dissolve anymore
  4. Pour salt mixture into the bottle of calamansi lime, covering all the fruits
  5. Cover the bottle and preserve for at least a year (remember to label the date)

To consume the preserve lime:
Crush 1 lime in a glass, add in a tablespoon of honey, pour in hot water and drink everything

I'd been drinking it since yesterday for 2 to 3 times a day, and I must tell u, my throat is not as itchy, my coughing is reducing and I believe I'm able to sing beautifully in a day or 2 :p


HK Choo said...

The goodness of traditional medicine...and I know my granny swore by this as well. The longer it is kept, the better, in fact. :)

kel said...

Yes, this traditional remedy are not only good, yummy too. I should have to know it earlier.

Lisa said...

I’ve tried all sorts of coughing syrups, believe me, but none of them helps. Even though Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa www.geocities.jp/ninjiom_hong_kong/index_e.htm does not eliminates the cough I like to stick to this chinese syrup I’ve been taking since I was a kid: Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. My grandfather is chinese, so I guess my mom got the advice from him. I was really surprised when I found that chinese market selling it here in Belgium. It does have a refreshing, soothing, sweetening effect…as long as it lasts…then back to coughing mode.

kel said...

Thanks Lisa, for ur sharing, I did try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa b4, but it didn't help me at all, but I like the taste of the thick syrup :)