Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pork Floss 肉松

Actually I didn't plan to make this pork floss at all (o_<)  It was so happened that I boiled a pot of herbal soup with a piece of lean meat this morning, something to soothe my lung or cough or whatsoever.  Well, usually the meat are very dry and tasteless to consume after boiling long for stock/soup, and I usually kept the meat for my sister's dog Blacky, but today since I used a piece of nice lean meat, I felt bad if I'd give it to Blacky (sorry, Blacky, prefer to eat the meat myself this time).  Than suddenly the clips of my aunt cooking pork floss during my childhood flashed into my mind, without doubt I fished out the pork, teased apart the meat by hand, marinated it and dried it on the pan.  Ta-da... I got my version of pork floss!

100g lean meat, cooked
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tbsp cooking wine
1 tbsp sesame seed

  1. Tear or tease apart the meat
  2. Mix soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar together until sugar dissolved
  3. Pour soy sauce mixture into the teased apart meat
  4. Dry the meat on a non-stick pan on low fire
  5. Keep stirring the meat with a pair of chopsticks until it is completely dry
  6. Mix in the sesame seed, continue frying for 3 minutes, remove from heat
  7. Store in container after totally cool off

The taste of the meat floss is just like those store bought, I can't believe it myself, I'm so happy and proud of myself today :)


HK Choo said...

Now, I'm also keen to try this, how long to stir-fry over the non-stick pan, approximately?

kel said...

Sorry, HK, I didn't check the time, may be approx. 20-30 min.

HK Choo said...

Thanks for the estimate, Kel.

kel said...

U r welcome, HK :)

javapot said..., looks great like serunding!!

kel said...

Thanks, javapot, I believe serunding was made using a similar method too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kel, thanks for the recipe. How long can the pork floss be kept for? Under what conditions should I keep it in?

kel said...

Hi, I believe the floss able to keep in air tight container for at least 3-5 days (under normal tropical temperature), if u wanna be safe, you may keep it in fridge for a slightly longer period. I couldn't give u a precise answer as mine was vanished within few days.