Friday, August 20, 2010

Ham Mantou & Meat Floss Mantou Bento (262)

I didn't plan for the bento last nite, thus this morning waked up with blank and full of ????  Opened up the fridge then freezer to check out for the proper ingredient for the bento.  At last, I decided on the mantou, quickly steamed 1, halved it, cut a split at the center, stuffed 1 with ham and the other with meat floss.

Easy pitsy bento, used 15 minutes to get it ready.

Top left: meat floss mantou with cucumber and a dash of mayo,
bottom left: ham mantou with cucumber and a dash of mayo,
top right: jelly
bottom right: necterine

Note of the day


javapot said...

hiya, free next Friday? Checking if wanna meet @ Kuchai 100yen. Asking Emily too.

kel said...

Sorry, dear, most likely I can't make it, may be next time. Thanks 4 asking :)

javapot said...

gotcha, the fruit pastry cake looks good.

kel said...

Thanks, javapot!