Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zong Zi 棕子 (Rice Dumpling) Bento (85)

It was suppose to be a sushi bento today, however, little girl changed her mind yesterday, as her teacher told her that it'd be Rice Dumpling Day today.  Little girl loves rice dumpling, especially the 'alkaline' dumpling 鹼水棕, with or without kaya or sugar, weird isn't it.

Today's bento consists of (left to right): green grapes & yellow kiwifruit, brown bear made of pork rice dumpling, 2 quail eggs, and flowers made of (left) fried vegetable and miso salmon, and (right) alkaline dumpling with kaya (the only kaya little girl eats, cook by my aunt, she cooks the best kaya in town!)

The 1st dish little girl attacked was the 'alkaline' dumpling (see how much she loves it!), even a brown bear can't challenge her favorite ;p  She cleaned the bento today, except 1/2 of the brown bear, funny, she likes loh mai kai but not this pork rice dumpling, why-huh?

Snack bento consists of yellow kiwi, grapes and 'alkaline' rice dumpling with lots of kaya

To all of u celebrating this festival, Happy Duan Wu Festival!  端午節快樂!


javapot said...

at first i thought u made a bear dumpling and was like u do that, then read your post. he he bento!

kel said...

After reading ur latest post, oledi knew bundling the triangle zong zi need lots of hard work, the only way to made a bear dumpling, definitely need the rice mold, hehehe... ;p