Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watermelon Skin 'Leong Soi' 西瓜皮涼水

Was chatting with Nicholas's grandma (Yeah!  It's ur mum, Duckz/Caroline ;p ) few days ago (while waiting for little girl to leave her tadika), learned this amazing leong soi from her.

So, what'd u do with all these after biting (or cutting) off the best parts?  Threw it off, what a waste!

Try this, just dump all the watermelon skin (of course after washing it clean) into a deep pot, put in hot water til just covering the skin, give it a boil, then simmer for about an hour.  You may put in 2 or 3 rock sugar for a slightly sweeter version.

Hmm....  so refreshing with some ice cubes...

The verdict: Tasted like the chok che (bamboo sugar cane) leong soi 竹蔗涼水, very refreshing especially after chilling.

I'd checked thru the net, found this site with great info of watermelon (in chinese):

夏天中暑,出现发热、口渴、尿少等症;或患其他急性热病,出现高热、多汗、大渴,烦躁、尿痛等症,都宜用西瓜作辅助治 疗。既可生吃瓜瓤,也可取瓜汁饮用,还可用西瓜皮煎水服用。

Having heat stroke during summer, fever, thirst,less urine, etc; or suffering from other acute fever, high fever, excessive sweating, great thirst, irritability, pain during urinating, etc watermelon is suitable to use as treatment. Watermelon pulp can be eaten raw, by drinking juice, or by drinking boiled watermelon skin water.

Can u see the usefulness of watermelon skin now?  Remember to boil it 1st b4 u throw them away next time when u have watermelon at home ;p 


Jess said...

well done kelly. an excellent post especially at this hot hot hot weather. :)

kel said...

Well, the thanks should go to Duckz's mum, she passed this remedy to me :)

Duckz said...

Hahaha.. You know, when i first saw that photo, i was like "aye??... this looks familiar...." :)
Upon reading the 1st line, I quickly drag my mom to my laptop and showed her her entry.
Boy.. was she smiling from ear to ear! :D
Thanks for sharing and posting it up gal!

kel said...

Hi Duckz! Glad to hear that ur mum was happy to see the posting, thanks ur mum again for sharing the remedy.

Happy Mother's Day!