Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clam, Dried scallop and Spinach Porridge

Sorry, there is no bento today, as little girl had fever yesterday, decided not to let her goto the extra class though she is going to pre-school today.  

This is the porridge I cooked few days ago - clam, dried scallop and spinach porridge.
Here is a little tip if u wanna cook porridge fast, freeze the washed rice for at least 4 hours.  I usually wash & freeze it a nite a head, then cook the porridge in the morning using the rice cooker, don have to 'jaga api' :)

Little girl loves dried scallop, and green vegetables, so decided on this porridge as that was what I had in my fridge ;p

She enjoyed the porridge very much with a bit of soy sauce and pepper, me too!


Duckz said...

Get well soon little one :)

kel said...

She is fine today, Duckz, thanks 4 caring.