Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicken Steak Burger Bento (84)

Went to McD with little girl last Fri, she ate her usual fried drumstick while I had the McChicken, suddenly, she turned to me:

LG: Mummy, can I try yours?
Me: Sure, nah!  * let her had a bite *
LG: There is salad and mayonnaise, I like it!  Can I eat yours?
Me: Sure, take it!

Then she continued chewing on the McChicken happily, also occasionally picked up those dropped lettuces to stuff into her mouth :)

Therefore when I asked her what to have for her bento last Sat (asked b4 I went for groceries marketing), she announced that she wanna burger just like the one she ate in McD.  Since I don have instant chicken burger at home (don wanna to stock it at home too), tot that frying a deboned chicken drumstick should be better and healthier for burger.

So, today's bento contains: Chicken steak burger (Fried chicken drumstick, layered with lots of shredded lettuce, mayo, cheese in a self-baked wholemeal bun), followed with 2 quail eggs, 2 grape tomatoes and 5 seedless green grapes.

The verdict:  Little girl "sapu" (wiped off) most of the lettuce and quail eggs, left half of the burger for snack and refused to eat the last grape and tomato.  She likes the fried chicken drumstick and mayo lettuce very much.

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