Monday, May 4, 2009

Chicken Nest Pao Bento (79)

I was turning lazy after the long idle weekend, thus today's bento r mostly out-sourced.  The chicken wing was leftover from dinner we took at 桂林 restaurant at Subang New Village.  As for the chicken nest pao 雞窩包 was bought by MIL from Seremban Market, we loves it very much, super soft & yummy!

I used about 10 minutes to debone the wing, seeded the grapes, skewered the halve grapes & tomatoes, threw in the food into bento box and the little decoration of smiley face.

Little girl kept 5 skewers of fruits and 1/4 of chicken nest pao for her snack, finished the rest of fruits, wing but ate only 1/4 of the pao.  Actually she waked up late this morning, at about 11am, ate 1 butter & marmite sandwich and 1 nutella sandwich.  The bento was prepared b4 she was awake, thus the pao was too big for her to finish at 12.45pm.  Well, happy oledi since she finished the rest.


3lilangels said...

So that's what it's called. Very yummy. We love it too. I (or rather my sis) buy it somewhere in Sri Petaling.

kel said...

Oh yes, the one in Sri Petaling is so yummy, think it was the origin of this pao too.