Monday, May 18, 2009

U Call This A Bento? (82)

After having fever last Wed, little girl has been complaining of tummy-ache, mild but enough to cause her throwing tantrums and most importantly, refusing to eat proper meals.  

I brought her to pediatrician, ped mentioned it was just some virus attack due to the cold she had, ped prescribed some tummy-ache medicine but it didn't help at all thru out the weekend, she still complaining of tummy-ache.

After some advices from relatives & sister yesterday, I brought little girl to seek help from chinese physician this morning.  Therefore, I made this simple bento in 5 minutes, (it was what little girl agreed to have for her lunch), showered little girl, then rushed over to Setapak to visit this Low Poh Seng chinese physician.  After checking little girl, he said her tummy-ache was due to airy tummy 脹風, not to worry.

Ok, back to the bento, it contains a small piece of ham & butter sandwich, pretzels, grapes & tomatoes.  U may notice it was loosely packed and the volume was so little compared to what little girl used to have.  Little girl ate only half of the sandwich during lunch, and finished the remaining half in the car after her pre-school, as for the rest, all remained untouched.  Though still don have appetite, but thank god, after taking the chinese medicine, her teacher told me she didn't complain of any tummy-ache and return to her normal self as compared to last Thu & Fri cos she was pretty quiet in class (very abnormal sign).

After having the medicine for twice, she didn't throw tantrum again during dinner, able to eat a small portion of rice, salmon & vegetable, phew!


Emily said...

Good to know that your little gurl is feeling better. Must be stressful to both of you!

kel said...

Oh yeah, she was extra cranky during those few days, she is better now. Thanks for caring, Emily.