Monday, May 11, 2009

Butterfly, Spider and Serpent

We went to 1U on Sat morning, to join the World Lupus Day campaign, "Colours of Hope" art event.  Little girl did this butterfly with little helps from the 'teachers' (from the organizer and Get Crafty art centre) and mummy :)

Isn't it pretty?

After the painting of butterfly & lunch, we went to Alfa Romeo show room, at Section 13, PJ.

To look see the rolls out of these gorgeous cars: Alfa 159, GT, Brera and Spider.  You must go here to see these sexy babies!

Hubby has been poisoned by the Alfa Serpent ever since he owned his 1st - 146ti in 1998.  He even educated little girl to recognized the logo b4 she turned 1!  And got her Alfa toys too * roll eyes *:

We'd been waited long for the launch of the above cars, and finally Sime Darby brought them in.

Little girl and me were busy test-sitting the cars in the show room, while hubby chatting with his alfistis.  The 1st car we 'attacked' was the Spider (my dream car, little girl loves it too!), it is a convertible car, with super gorgeous look, fancy interiors, etc, basically I was drooling all over this babe.  But with its selling price, I can only play with it in the show room :(

Isn't it hot?

Lastly, let's enjoy this: Alfa 159 featured in the latest Bond's Quantum of Solace - Aston Martin Car Chase.

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