Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whatever and Anything

I found these at Shell petrol kiosk this afternoon, and immediately thought of using them to trick/disturb little girl, hehehe....

Me:  Baby, wanna drink "Anything"?
LG:  Yeah, mummy! 
Me:  * passed her the "Anything" *
LG:  What is this?
Me:  Anything lah!
LG:  ???  *  a face full of ??? *

That was cute and fun.  

Ok, so "Anything" is a carbonated drink, and it is actually root-beer lah!  

Whereas "Whatever" is a non-carbonated drink, and is either ice lemon tea or apple tea or jasmine green tea or white grape tea or peach tea or chrysanthemum tea, I still haven't open it, so don know which yet, cool huh!


3lilangels said...

haha... that's real cool...


Ya you can find these in Jusco too.

kel said...

Hehehe... Thinking of stock up a few at home to disturb guests.... :p