Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Pizza made with Kid

This morning, little girl was eating her favorite kitty cake (bought from SS2 pasar malam) and I was busy in front of macbook.

LG:  Mummy, I finished my cake, I want bread now.
Me:  But I don have bread, I have pita bread only.
LG:  I want bread!
Me:  Hm....  Why don we make pizza, what do u think?
LG:  Now, mummy?
Me:  Only after u bom-bong (shower).
LG:  Mummy, bom-bong now pls!
Me:  Ok, good!

I usually have to beg/drag/yell little girl to get her shower in the morning, she'd give me tons of reasons for delaying it, then would play in the bathroom for so long til I gotta beg/drag/yell her out.  So, it's so easy for me this morning to lure her into an early shower!

I prepared very simple ingredients, like:

top left: sliced red n yellow grape tomatoes, pineapple
top right: sliced ham and frankfurter
bottom left: cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese
bottom right: green peas and corns

Tomato sauce, mayo and pita bread.

Let little girl made the the pizza herself, started with spreading tomato sauce on half of pita bread ....

... squeezed in mayo, sprinkled on the ingredients ....

She made the 1st one for me!

And this was hers.  

Let's look at the end result after placing each at oven toaster for 5 minutes.

This one belong to me, yummy n crusty!  Had with a cup of coffee.

Little girl's, she had it with more tomates and a glass of pineapple juice.

She made this for her snack in school along with more grape tomatoes.

Me:  Baby, this is the best lunch I ever had, do u know why?
LG:  Why, mummy?
Me:  Because u make this pizza for me, it's so delicious!

Little girl grinned and said she'll make it again for daddy when he return.  Isn't she lovely?


shoppingmum said...

That's lovely! I hope that my kids can make one for me one day. :)

kel said...

Hi shoppingmum, I'm sure they'll glad to, as long as u allow them to play with food :)


I did know we can use pita bread as the crust of a pizza! Splendid idea! Thanks for sharing!

kel said...

Yeah! The pita bread turned very crusty after baking.