Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eryngii Mushroom and Prawn Fried Pad Thai Noodle Bento

It's nearing autumn now, windy, falling leaves, romantic...  But here, it's becoming hotter and hotter with the super "poisoning" sunlight, romantic?  How can one turn romantic with all the sweats lah!

Ok, back to autumn, it's the season of matsutake mushrooms in countries like Japan, Korea and China, it's expensive there, thus don think the importer wanna import them here.  Well, I got this eryngii mushroom, they look alike matsutake mushroom though, lets make do with it!

Top tier: fried pad thai noodle with bamboo shoot n bean sprouts (at bottom), top with microwaved sliced eryngii mushrooms marinated with soy sauce n olive oil, and fried baby prawns with garlic.

Bottom tier: grape tomatoes, sliced orange and champagne grapes.

I bought the champagne grapes at Jaya 3 yesterday, little girl loves it and she kept saying they look so cute!  Hence, gave her more with orange too for her snack treat at pre-school.

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