Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monster Eyes Snack Bento

This week's theme is scary.  

I asked little girl what does she think is scary for her, she told me ghost and monster.  Cracked my head last nite, still couldn't think of anything scary.  Managed to figure something out this morning, I don wanna make something too spooky til she dare not eat, thus this was what I did, the monster eyes sandwich.

It was ham and cheese sandwich, top with cucumber and raisin as the eye balls. The green face was stacks of ham slices, 2 quail eggs, and more cucumber.

The little container kept some honey mustard moyo dip for little girl to have dipping fun.

After completing the bento, asked little girl whether it is scary, she said no, not at all! Sigh!  Yeah, I thought so too, so not going to send to Bento challenge, shy lah!


Emily said...

Hi Kel!

I think by simply moving one eye up and the other down will do the trick!

kel said...

Eh, ya hor! Emily! My thinking so straight forward, eyes always in a line.