Thursday, October 23, 2008

Roti Telur Bento

5th version of roti canai dough experiment :)   Roti telur with cheese this time.

The ways to make it:

1. Shallow fry mold roti canai dough both side til golden brown (don have to use oil)
2. Beat an egg, pour over to heated pan, off fire
3. Spoon cheese (I used mozzarella cheese) on to the egg
4. Stick roti on to the cheese and egg
5. On fire, cover the frying pan, cook til egg set
6. Cut out roti telur and cheese, ready to serve

So, these were what I placed on the top tier: Red and yellow grape tomatoes, roti telur with cheese.
Bottom tier: Stir-fried long bean and mushroom, dhal curry(in container) and 2 mini drumstick (1st part of chicken wing in actual). 

Little girl is having cough now, thus I didn't give her any fruit in this bento. Her appetite was not very good, left plenty today, 3 pieces of roti, bit of stir-fried long bean and 1 mini drumstick.

Emily, this is the roti canai/paratha dough I used, "Kawan" brand, they have a few types too: plain, wholemeal, and onion.


Emily said...


Emily said...

p.s. I heard if got cough, cannot eat chicken and eggs woh....

kel said...

Huh! Don aware of that! No wonder I coughed for a month plus last time, I didn't skip chicken and egg.