Friday, October 17, 2008

Peanut Butter French Toast

It's going to be weekend and I still have 3 pieces of bread, I don wanna store them in fridge, decided to make little girl some french toasts for her after school snack.

I'd make 2 types of french toasts here:

the normal french toast

filled with peanut butter

I didn't use any measurement when making these french toast, all agak-agak (rough estimation) only. The ingredients I used up are:

3 breads
2 eggs
melted butter
3 tsp sugar
peanut butter

1.  Cut breads into small bite size, 9 pieces cube size of each bread
2.  Spread peanut butter on 1 piece of bread and cover with another bread
3.  Mix melted butter, sugar, then egg and milk, whisk them well
4.  place breads into egg mixture, let them soak longer to absorb more egg mixture
5.  Heat pan, fry the breads with butter til golden brown

Other than peanut butter, I think we can experiment with more flavors in the french toast, like, fruits, fruit jam, cream cheese, nutella spread, etc or for savory type with bacon, cheese, ham, etc.  Ooh! This is going to be endless of experimenting....


Emily said...

Yummmy! I love french toast! served with maple syrup!

3lilangels said...

We love french toasts and peanut butter. So that's a winning combination there!

kel said...

Yeah! They r so "machi", super yummy!

Biblo said...

That is interesting. You fry the bread with the peanut butter spread on it?

What I'll do is fry the french toasts and then spread peanut butter or jam or now that you mention so many more to experiment.... ^_*

kel said...

Yes, fry the bread with peanut butter spread, just like those selling in Hong Kong style restaurant.