Monday, February 7, 2011

Osmanthus Flower Chiffon

I bought a small packet of dried osmanthus flowers 桂花 from Seremban night market sometimes ago, I love the sweet fragrant and had used it in chiffon cake once, I didn't post up the last time cos I didn't bring my camera along to mum's place.

It is said that a cup of osmanthus flower tea promotes beautiful skin, tightening pores and reduces wrinkles.  Here is a little note about benefits of consuming osmanthus flower tea (which was given by the herbal tea seller from the night market):


I mixed 2 tbsp of dried osmanthus flower into 3 tbsp of honey, let them sat in the fridge for more than a week before I baked the chiffon cake.


90ml water
120g self raising flour
5 egg yolks
2 - 3 tbsp osmanthus flower honey
60g oil

5 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
60g sugar

Outer look of the chiffon cake

I had the cake baked on Mon, 31st Jan, baked it in a hurry (b4 heading back to Seremban) as little girl demanded a cake for her & all cousins to cut during CNY (cos she remembered this).

Inner look of the chiffon cake

However, I managed to ice & decorate it only on Wed morning, which was the eve of CNY.  Hubby complained that the cake turned dry but the kids didn't seem to mind at all :b

The decorated osmanthus flower chiffon cake

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