Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egg Tarts & Nectarine Bento (332)

I'd been absented for the past few days, didn't prepare any bento as Tue was a holiday, then from Wed til Fri, I had been buried with meetings and appointments, and little girl had to spend her nites at mum's place.  Little girl had me bought her 3 chicken wings from SS3 nite market on Tue, so that she able to have 1 each for her 3 days' bento.  She was preparing her own bento for the 3 days, though getting mum to help her on the pre-heating part, but she able to plan and pack it herself, I was really really please.

Due to lack of sleep and tire after days of meetings, I was lazy to prepare little girl something special for bento today (Yeah, it is a school day today, sigh...).  Luckily I bought her some egg tarts from MV Megamall previous day, put 2 in for a quick & easy bento.  Bento was ready in 3 minutes.

Yummy Tong Kee egg tarts

Nectarine wedges and a marshmallow


HK Choo said...

You sure train your LG well, being so independent to be able to pack her own bento. Hope mine will emulate yours in time to come. *smile*

kel said...

Little girl has gotten use to eating bento thus I think when I was not able to make her one, she wouldn't mind to prepare her own. I believe yours will definitely have the talent as you are good at preparing one too.