Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Sushi Bento (331)

It's Valentine's Day today and I didn't even prepare any bento with this theme before it reaches, sigh...  been lazy or busy...  I don remember ...  :p

I roughly planned this out yesterday, after reading the sushi book I bought from HK, well, just planned out the ingredients to be used only.

Used about an hour to get the bento ready, phew!  Luckily the result was rather satisfying :)

Able to get 4 heart sushi only after busying for about 1 hour

The pink heart was mix of pink seasoning and diced crab stick with sushi rice
The outer layer of pink heart was surrounded by long bean and thinly shredded egg

2 heart cheese franks

Extra crab sticks

Mandarin orange

Heart marshmallows and kisses

Last but not least, a beautiful song for u, from Fei Wong and Eason Chan, Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy!


Jess said...

kelly, do you use normal white rice or sushi rice with vineger?
I love this bento very much, so lovely and looks tasty....

kel said...

Thank u, Jess, and I used sushi rice.