Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roti Canai & Dhal Bento (335)

Little girl was very delighted when I told her I'd made her roti canai for bento, thot of transforming it to roll but little girl preferred it normal with dhal.

Thus, just needed 5 minutes to prepare & pack the bento, time used on frying the roti, preheat the dhal in microwave oven and threw all into box along with the fruits.

Cut pieces of roti canai with a container of dhal hiding underneath

Watermelon cubes, kiwi berries and a container of sugar


HK Choo said...

It's good to be back blog-hopping and have you been?
Your lovely bento reminds me of my pack of frozen prata which had been sitting in the fridge hibernating, hahah..and I sure gonna "roll" it coz no dhal to go with it. :)

kel said...

Welcome back, HK :) Been busy with work lately and able to prepare easy & simple bento only, used mostly frozen products, prata & dhal were part of the items I had in my freezer at all time :p