Monday, February 28, 2011

Sad Looking Mushrooms Bento (338)

We were celebrating my nephew Picky eater Y's birthday at mum's place last nite.  Mum prepared so many dishes that though all of us had stuffed ourselves so much, we still couldn't finish it.  Thus eldest sis & me gotta help mum finish up the dishes by packing some back home.

So, other than the fruit & marshmallow, the rest of the items in the bento were leftover food from the party.  I had it warmed this morning and packed into box nicely, all ready in about 15 minutes.  While placing the mushroom slices over the chicken rice, I found them looking very sad, with the look just like little girl this few days, as exams are drawing near.  Hence, I sticked some mouth to the mushrooms to emphasize more on the sad look.

The bento full of leftover

3 sad looking mushrooms on a bed of chicken rice

From the top: cut lamb chop, roast duck and broccoli

Marshmallow and watermelon balls

Note of the day

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