Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Rolls Bento (279)

On Tue,

LG:  Mummy, can you make sushi bento for me on Thursday?
Me:  Why sushi?
LG:  Bcos G (the boy sitting next to her in class) loves sushi, can u make sushi for us?
Me:  Ok.

Then I saw Masa posted a pictorial on making California rolls 1 or 2 days ago, this would b a good chance for me to practice it :)

It didn't take long to prepare the California rolls, I would say it was much easier as compare to maki, I managed to get 2 perfect rolls (I usually gotta eat the 2 ends after cutting the maki as they were so ugly).

The California rolls had the filling of: leftover fried salmon flakes mixed with mayo and shredded cucumber.

2 California rolls cut into 16 tiny pieces

Honey dew & grape in sticks
(LG: Mummy, remember to tell everyone that I skewered the fruits myself, ok?
Yeah, girl, I kept my promise)

Closer view of the California roll


HK Choo said...

Great helping hand you got there, Kel... :)

kel said...

Well, can't say much as long as she don make a mess :p

Jess said...

Hi Kelly, did you actually make sushi rice with vineger or just normal white rice?
How much vineger should be added in to the portion of rice?

kel said...

I'd add the sushi rice vinegar whenever I remembered :p Usually just 1 tbsp of the store bought sushi rice vinegar.