Friday, September 24, 2010

Pari Pari Pasta, Seaweed and Baitfish Pizza Bento (274)

Happened to bump into a very interesting site last nite => Masa  料理ABC, the owner is a Japanese chef who stationed in Taiwan.  I enjoyed reading the site and his recipes very much as he is very humorous and his recipes were filled with detailed pictorial.

I was hooked into this recipe - Pari pari (crispy in Japanese) pasta, seaweed and bait fish pizza, the pictorial showed that it is easy to make and the ingredients are very simple too, thus here is my version of the pari pari pizza.  The only thing is, it took me almost an hour to get the 'pizza' cooked as using low flame for the entire cooking process.

1 handful angel hair
80g mozzarella cheese (I mixed it with cheddar cheese)
2 seaweed sheets, tear/cut into tiny pieces
40g whitebait fish (or ngan yu cai 银鱼仔), soaked and drained
2 tsp olive oil

  1. Cook the angel hair in boiling water til al dente, drain
  2. Mix the rest of ingredients into angel hair
  3. Cook the angel hair mixture in a non-stick pan with low heat
  4. Cook til both side turn golden brown
  5. Serve with okonomiyaki sauce
Cut 2 pieces of the 'pizza' into bite size in the bento, along with some grapes, cucumber and a container of okonomiyaki sauce

 The taste of the 'pizza' is yummy with the creamy cheesy cheese and hints of seaweed & baby fish, however, it is on the oily side (as the cheese released plenty of oil while cooking) and the pasta turned hard instead of crispy (-_-; )

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