Friday, September 17, 2010

Loh Shi Fan Kon Low Bento (271)

While on the bed last nite,

Me:  U wanna have loh shi fan or rice for lunch and the bento 2moro?
LG:  I don want rice, loh shi fan please, and I want it just like how Ah Boh (that is the way she call my sis, in Hainanese) cooked
Me:  But I don know how Ah Boh cook that?
LG:  U give her a call lah...
Me:  It is too late, she must have sleep oledi.  Did she cook it with mushroom?
LG:  No
Me:  Never mind, I'll try to cook something, and I'll put in your favorite mushroom, ok?
LG:  What mushroom?
Me:  The fat-fat mushroom (eryngii mushroom)
LG:  Yes!

So, this morning, started at about 9.30am, I peeled plenty of shallots & garlic, fried them individually cos hubby and little girl love fried shallots and fried garlic very much.  Did all this hassle also due to kon low (noodle mix with black soy sauce) taste best with fried garlic oil and the minced pork stew taste superb with fried shallots.

Then I diced the mushroom, cooked the minced pork stew, blanched the loh shi fan and edamame.  By the time I finished all the cooking and packed the bento, it was close to 11am, oh my... gotta rushed little girl to eat her lunch fast, cos we gotta leave home at 12pm.  Luckily, she liked this loh shi fan kon low (loh shi fan with black soy sauce) and ate quite fast without me kept reminding her :)

Loh shi fan kon low with edamame (for the color)

Pineapple cubes, pudding jelly and nectarine wedges

While having lunch,

Me:  So, does the loh shi fan taste like Ah Boh's?
LG:  No, her loh shi fan was not black in color
Me:  Huh, just the loh shi fan and the pork only?
LG:  Yes
Me:  Ok.... (o_o)'''


Anonymous said...

I love lo shi fan! I have not eaten that for ages...hmmm now I am craving for a plate of hot ' kon chow lo shi fan'!! Hehe...

kel said...

Hi, Karen, went over to ur blog earlier, was amazed with all ur cutie charaben bentos, thumbs up!