Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Squid, Dried Scallop & Fried Salmon Porridge

Bought 3 fresh & beautiful squids from the night market last night, as I still can't decide on how to cook the squids for dinner, I used 1 to cook this porridge for lunch.

Little girl loves seafood and porridge, that was why I cooked this.  But whenever I cook porridge, she'd demand to have dried scallop added, else she'd definitely pull a long face.

Have I ever mentioned on the tip to speed up the porridge cooking process?  Well, you just need to leave the washed and drained uncooked rice into freezer until it harden (I leave it overnight as I cook it in the morning), then cook with boiling water for 10 minutes and done.

The lazy me threw the frozen rice & dried scallops into rice cooker so that I was able to continue with other tasks (prepared bento and fried the salmon) and don't have to check upon the fire or porridge at all.  When 10 minutes b4 the rice cooker ends the cooking process, put in the cut squid to cook.  Season the porridge with salt once it is ready.

Serve the squid and dried scallop porridge with fried salmon flakes, 
top with some shredded lettuce and fried garlic oil
(Oops, I'd forgotten to add the fried salmon flakes, sorry :p)


HK Choo said...

That's how I do porridge as well, provided I plan before hand.

One sumptious bowl of seafood porridge..with really a lot of ingredients, nothing beats home-cooked. :)

Emily said...

Very Refreshing!

kel said...

HK, so that isn't a tips huh, just another known fact :)

kel said...

Thanks Emily!