Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fried Rice Wraps Bento (272)

Actually I made 3 fried rice wraps with lettuce originally,  when little girl was awaked, she told me she wanna have seaweed instead, I agreed to changed only 2 for her.  Then she was happy to see the color contrast in the bento, I was glad that she approved the bento finally, phew... * wiping sweat *

This is how I made the wraps:

  1. Place a small cube of cooked chicken (I used leftover KFC chicken thigh) on a big piece of lettuce or seaweed (I used Korean seaweed)
  2. Squeezed a good dollop of ketchup onto chicken
  3. Spoon 2 tsp of fried rice on to the ketchup+chicken
  4. Wrap everything carefully with the lettuce or seaweed

2 seaweed wraps, 1 lettuce wrap and 4 pieces of KFC chicken skin

Laici pudding jelly and grapes

Another presentation of the fried rice (little girl's lunch), with some shredded lettuce and meat floss

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HK Choo said...

That's a healthy crunchy wrap :)