Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet & Savory Bread Rolls Bento (278)

I could use the header as 'white and yellow bread rolls bento', but then I reconsidered again since I gave a similar header for yesterday, better think of a new one :)

For me, bread is the easiest to manage/prepare ingredient for bento.  If u have followed my blog closely, u may find that I made bread bento on most Wednesday (as little girl gotta eat fast so that she may perform her class duty before the class starts).  So since it's Wed today, I decided to use the remaining pumpkin bread for a sweet roll and Gardenia white bread for the savory roll.  Used only 15 minutes for the bento preparation.

Actually, little girl is one dislike pumpkin, but she was not aware that the bread was made of pumpkin, she ate it happily without any complaints :p  Haha... one good way to trick her into eating this healthy food :)

Yellow sweet roll - pumpkin bread spread with kaya and thick slices of butter
White savory roll - white bread spread with mayo and lots of meat floss

Top - mango pudding
Bottom - 6 grapes

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