Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Assorted Finger Food and Muffin Bento (339)

This bento is a combination of loves and supports from little girl's ma ma (grandma) and mum.

Finally, little girl starts her exam today, I don really have enough time (multi-tasking with work and doing her final revision) to prepare her a nice & cute bento, but I put together all the food that MIL and I prepared before hand.

Bento was ready in about 10 minutes.

An oreo muffin (baked by me),
3 wantans (fried by MIL),
2 fish balls (I bought from SS2 night market)

3 fried popiah nian kau (wrapped by me, fried by MIL),
and 5 grapes


Cooking Gallery said...

I love everything inside the bento box! Wantan, oreo muffin, hmmm...!!

kel said...

Thank u, Cooking Gallery :)

Emily said...

Looking Good! Your lil girl is the envy of her friends!

I am having a book-give-away here:


kel said...

Thanks for dropping by & ur acknowledgement, Emily.