Monday, March 21, 2011

Elephant Sammy Bento (346)

School re-open today.  Little girl had so much fun during her 1 week holiday,  she stayed over nite at mum's place, then her cousins' place, she came back only on Sunday evening b4 the school starts.  She really turned wild after moving out from the 'jail' for the entire week, gonna tune her back to routine & normal again, haiz...

Last nite,

LG:  Mummy, can I have a small bento to school 2moro?
Me:  Why, darling?
LG:  2moro is Monday, I have duty, I don think I can finish fast
Me:  Alright... Sandwich ok for u?
LG:  Ok
Me:  Tuna sandwich?
LG:  Yes!

So, here is the small & simple bento, ready within 15 minutes.

Tuna sandwich with cutie elephant print

Marshmallow and grapes

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