Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mrs Crabby in The Bento (180)

Didn't plan to make Mrs Crabby, it just climbed into the bento unintentionally :p When I asked little girl what could she see in the bento, she told me crab aloud, so there is no doubt at all :)

I cooked 2 dried flat noodle & blanched some amaranth veggie 莧菜 this morning for our lunch & the bento. Re-heated the stewed pork belly & mushroom in the microwave, then mixed everything into the cooked noodle and packed the bento, all done within 15 minutes with a little help from little girl with the fruits.

Mrs Crabby is laying on a bed of spongy flat noodle
Mrs Crabby is made of konnyaku noodle, amaranth veggie as body, pork belly cube as eyes and mushroom pieces as claws & legs

Skewers of grapes, red and yellow grape tomatoes

Note of the day


HK Choo said...

So after Mrs Crabby, would Sponge Bob Square Pants be next?

Wonderful bento, as always.

kel said...

Hohoho... Thanks, may b Sponge Bob will climb into the bento one fine day...