Thursday, April 15, 2010

Halve Flowers Maki Bento (185)

Asked little girl yesterday, what will she like for bento: fried rice, sushi or veggie rice, she chose sushi and specifically mentioned the cucumber sushi. She also asked whether she may share with her friends, since sushi is so easy to make, I let her have a bigger bento to share with her fellow friends.

I was slow this morning, doing everything in slow motion, thus took me 45 minutes to complete the entire bento :p

Cucumber & furakake maki and corn sausage (bro bought from China) to form into 2 halve flowers. More cucumber sticks, corn sausage, a container of mayo and a tube of soy sauce squeeze into the remaining space

Grapes, yellow and red grape tomatoes

Note of the day

While little girl was having her lunch just now...

Me: Girl, do u like rice?
LG: * shaking her head * (mouth busy munching and she was reading her favorite "Weird Wildlife Sea Creatures" book)
Me: Then, do u like sushi?
LG: * nodding her head *

Hahaha.... funny girl, don like rice but adore sushi, aren't they the same?


HK Choo said...

No wonder there was so much food in this bento...sharing is caring. :D

Lia Chen said...

Sharing time with friends are wonderful! Kids learn to share and to have social interaction with their friends. Well done with the bento! Your girl's friends must be thrilled with this :)

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, little girl was very happy to report that many of her friends ate the sushi with her happily :)

kel said...

Hi HK, it was a big one, glad the kids cleaned everything :)