Friday, April 2, 2010

Bacon & Quail Egg Toast Flowers Bento (177)

I learned this toast flower method 1 or 2 yrs ago from 生活智慧王 Good Idea, a Taiwanese TV program. However, I didn't give it a try until today, it is indeed easy & fast to make.

I used about 20 minutes to make it, time mainly used for baking. I had put in cheese, a dash of mayo, bacon & cracked an quail egg into each of the toast flower.

Bacon & quail egg toast flowers, few grapes and a tube of jelly
(Don worry of the yolk, they may look raw but in actual they r cooked & set)

Note of the day


javapot said...

looks delish.

kel said...

Hi javapot, I'm not sure, gotta get the review from little girl :p

HK Choo said...

A very luxurious bento with all the works in the toasted bread basket, yohoo!

kel said...

Good morning, HK. Haz... think this should be better as snack or breakfast but not suitable for bento, as little girl said everything turned soggy by the time she ate it :(

Lia Chen said...

The egg yolks look so nice! I love the runny egg yolks with bread yum ... :)