Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kasutera / Castella Japanese Sponge Cake

I first learned about this kasutera Japanese sponge cake from Carol's, then Angie's, after googled for more related recipes, I found it quite interesting & the ingredients are very simple too.

Top view

I'd followed Carol's recipe as she has every steps in detail, however, I didn't follow her part of DIYing the cake mold, I used loaf pan & some paper cups instead.

6 eggs, at room temperature
150g high protein flour
150g caster sugar (used 120g)
2 tbsp/30cc milk
60g honey (used 4 tbsp)

As for the method, u may refer to Justhungry's, I am a bit lazy to do the translation today :p

My cutting skill is so terrible...

The muffin size kasutera

If u can't resist urself from popping one into ur mouth right after this muffins turning cold, u'll be disappointed, as they r very very dry... they need time to rest and moisten up, so eat at ur own risk ;)

Closer view

Sure enough, the cake turn soft the next day, not as dry like before, taste really good with a cup of tea or coffee, yum!


Emily said...

what an interesting recipe....

HK Choo said...

Nothing beats home-baked. :)

kel said...

Thanks, Emily.

kel said...

Thanks, HK.