Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fried Rice & Wanton Bento (178)

Little girl has the Ching Ming holiday yesterday, she didn't go to school but she went back to her pre-school to has a little reunion with her friends & teachers, she was so glad to be back there :p

Little girl has requested MIL to fry some wanton over the weekend, and MIL made so much that it may last us for a week!

I cooked fried rice this morning, with some spinach stem, shredded chicken and egg. Bento was ready between 20 minutes.

Molded fried rice with heart shaped ketchup, 3 wanton, 1 marshmallow, few grapes and a container of ketchup

Note of the day


Lia Chen said...

Hi Kel! Fried wonton ... so want it. Did you make it by yourself or ready frozen pack? Everytime I made wonton always finish at the same day no matter how much I made hahaha ... so they never made it to the bento :)

kel said...

Hi Lia Chen, we made the wanton ourself, MIL marinated the meat & prawn filling where me & little girl took care of the wrapping part. MIL roughly counted there were about 150 of the wanton! So, even we stuffed so many at same day, we still have plenty left :)

HK Choo said...

Your wanton shaped so interestingly, how did you do it? Nice to be in Chinese school, got the day off for your girl, do the students need to replace the off-day?

kel said...

Hehehe... it is the shape of yuan bao 元寶. Yeah, this is the 2nd holiday, the 1st one was tian gong dan 天公誕, and no, they don have to replace the day off, it is so wonderful!