Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Condensed Milk Pound Cake

I baked this cake last wed, thot of using it to make a picnic bento for the next day, however..... I saw this recipe from here on wed morning, baked it quickly after sending little girl to school. I found the batter of the cake very dry, but I didn't add in any extra liquid, just dumped into the oven just like the recipe told. It rose up nicely, I cut the cake after 15 minutes of cooling (couldn't resist myself any longer), not very moist, but bearable.

As I said earlier, this cake was supposed to bring to picnic the next day, but little girl has fallen ill after I picked up my cousin & her daughter CW from the airport (coming from HK), CW was ill too. Therefore, we canceled the picnic trip. Little girl had very high fever at the nite of Wed and the entire Thu, luckily the fever was gone by thu's midnite. Kids were recovering on Fri, none of the symptom on fever returning at all, phew! Good for them, as we'd planned to bring them to PD for the weekend. As for the cake, we ate it for breakfast and tea.

P/s I'd sprinkled some toffee bits to the batter b4 baking it.


(( SKY )) said...

Last night I made lemon pound cake, slowly working my way to making a condensed milk pound cake, but mean time, may I have a slice? hehe

kel said...

Aiyah, (( Sky ))! The pound cake has long gone-lah! May b a piece of the lemon pound cake from u?