Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Durian Butter Cake

Durian Butter Cake

My MIL loves durian, and whenever she ate one which was very delicious, she'd keep a few for us in the freezer, however, hubby & me don really fancy frozen durian (we'd told her not to keep for us, but she still insist), thus she'd either gave them away or kept them in freezer longer. I felt a bit sorry when I saw a box in the freezer thus decided to use them for baking cakes .

I adapted the recipe from Wendy Kor's Baking Recipe - Cakes' Talk, it is rich with durian, soft and moist. If comparing with the Condensed Milk Pound Cake I baked few weeks ago, the pound cake was so dry and coarse.

the texture

My SIL couldn't resist to cut the cake when it was just out from the oven, it tasted a bit dry when it was still hot, but after resting for a day, it turned moist, yum, I ate a lot for breakfast =p

P/s Little girl's school has declared close on Mon after discovering another 2 suspected case of H1N1, therefore there won't be any bento posting until Sept. Happy holiday!


javapot said...

yum yum!

looks like a lot of schools are closing.

kel said...

Yeah, very scary too.