Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flossy Milk Shake Bun & American Butter Cheese Bread

Baked 2 batches of breads on Sun, again playing with the recipes gotta from sifu Alex Goh's Magic Bread.

The 1st batch:
Flossy milk shake bun
(funny why he name it milk shake, as it has noting to do with milk shake?)

And the 2nd batch:

American butter cheese bread

The inside of them:

Hehehe... looks ugly isn't it, cos I was in a rush while wrapping in the fillings, they all stayed at the bottom of the buns. The buns r very soft & fluffy, the fillings r sweet, milky, with a hint of salty and very buttery, but some found the taste weird.

The cheese bread is very fluffy, little girl likes this very much, she kept asking me where was the cheese, there was no sign of the cream cheese, not even the taste ;( will add some cheddar cheese next time.

This was a cute version of the American butter cheese bread I baked for little girl, in a mini chiffon cake mold.

Overall, the recipes from Magic Bread I tried so far have given me plenty of successful soft & fluffy breads, really love this book now.

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