Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to Hong Kong

I didn't take much photos during my trip to Hong Kong, too busy on shopping and eating til forgot to snapped some photo :)

Here r those few I took:

Saw these cakes at a bakery at Mong Kok, they r so adorable, snapped it back to show little girl, she said she like the chic most :p

Just look at those mango cakes, aren't they tempting?

Went for some dessert as a short break after non-stop shopping at Mong Kok, this is the famous 黑燸米芒果芝麻卷 from 石磨坊...
... and this 芝痲糊+核桃糊
Went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner at 大埔 near my cousin's house, look at the salmon sushi, we (me, SIL & her sis) went "Wah!" when we saw the size of the sushi, the salmon was almost a foot long!
Another one of the dish we had, the sashimi boat, full of fresh goodies, especially those uni (sea urchin roe) and scallops, tasted marvelous!


3lilangels said...

so this was a makan trip, not a shopping trip, huh? The cakes are gorgeous. And the salmon.... just awesome.

kel said...

3lilangels: It was truely a shopping trip, however, with good food in HK, we gotta include makan as well-lah ;p We didn't experience any hunger at all during the entire trip, cos my cousins really fed us well :)

Gotta mention it over n over again, thanks for everything, cousin Ching & Larry!