Friday, April 24, 2009

Full of Left-over Bento (77)

Other than the fruit, the rest in this bento was all left-over from last nite's dinner.  Little girl loved this rice mixed with fried Hong Kong kailan (cut to tiny pieces) very much, til she had 3 helpings last nite, and requested it for her bento too!  Not forgetting the roast whole chicken drumstick (stuffed with cheese) is one of her favorite dish too.

Since I just need to re-heat everything in microwave oven and toaster oven, place them into the box, and the time I took was about 15 minutes :) (inclusive of washing up and photo-taking too!)

Contents of bento (from left): rice mixed with fried Hong Kong kailan, de-boned roast chicken drumstick, roast potato wedges and plum wedges.

Little girl dislikes the roast potato (she refused to eat it last nite, I was trying my luck to see if she'd eat it today l0l ), and she left 2 pieces of the chicken too.  Glad that she still enjoyed the mixed vegetable rice.

P/s   There won't be a bento posting on next Mon as I'm going 'kai-kai', will update once back, bye!


javapot said...

will u be sharing the veggie rice recipe? so curious now since your girl liked it so much :) hope u are enjoying your break.

3lilangels said...

Like the healthy wholesome food you pack for bento.

How did you cook the drumstick? Need to debone before stuffing with cheese?

Have a good time 'kai-kai-ing'!

kel said...

Hi, I'm back :) Thanks 4 all the comments.

Javapot: The recipe for veggie rice? Simple, just stir-fry the veggie with any sauce to ur liking, (I used oyster n soy sauce for this), cut the veggie to small pieces, mix it together with bits of its sauce into rice well, done.

3lilangels: Simple one too for the roast whole drumstick:
1. Marinate the drumstick with anything to ur liking.
2. Put skin up (do not tear out) to form a pocket between skin and meat, stuff cheese into pocket, seal pocket with toothpicks.
3. Roast in oven for roughly 40 -50 minutes at 180C

The cheese would melt and flow out from the pocket, u may place some potato wedges under the drumstick to hold the melted cheese during roasting.

Happy trying!

kel said...

3lilangels: yes, u may debone the drumstick too b4 marinating and stuffing with cheese.

U may fry it too if u wanna get it cook quickly, just like how I did for the New Year Eve's dinner (

3lilangels said...

Thanks for the recipe.... sounds so yum..... would try it out soon. Now too busy / stressed with Girlet's exam..... you would have thot I'm the one sitting for exam... hehe.

kel said...

Hi, 3lilangels, I heard from other stressful mummy too, I'm afraid I will be joining u next year too once little girl starts her primary 1, sigh!